As a small business operator in New Bedford, I have enjoyed working with Councillor Abreu. The qualities that are appealing in Ian to me as a business owner are that he is a team player and works well with his colleagues. He is an outside the box thinker and he isn’t afraid to challenge ideas that aren’t right. He is an asset to the City of New Bedford. I strongly recommend his re-election to the Councillor At-Large seat which he currently holds.

Edward Pacheco

Manager, Places To Go, LLC Transportation

After returning from my deployment, I had some concerns and didn’t know who to talk to. My wife recommended that I speak with Ian. Upon reaching out to Ian, he was very happy to assist me. Any time I have reached out to Ian, he has made himself available and is very thoughtful in his responses. Most recently, he helped to get the flags replaced at a memorial. I noticed that they were unserviceable, and Ian stepped up to get them replaced as soon as he was notified. He has respect and compassion for the veteran community and a love for the citizens of New Bedford.

Steven Francis

Resident & USMC Veteran, City of New Bedford

Ian Abreu has been a great asset to this city. He is openly vocal in his support for all means to promote New Bedford and to restore it’s economic prowess. He engages local businesses and communicates with its residents. He keeps us informed of city functions daily, and when something goes awry, he acts swiftly to get the matter resolved. I have never seen such an immediate response from any public official. He has great dedication to this city, and truly believes in the cause for action. I cannot give anyone a stronger recommendation for office than this man!

Jason Oliveira

Resident, City of New Bedford

I am new to New Bedford, and have watched how Ian is available to residents all day, every day. I can trust what Ian says because he uses social media as a way to communicate with the residents; therefore, there is never a doubt about his position on issues and no empty promises. My vote goes to Ian and I will be available if anyone needs a ride to the polls.

Yvonne Tobey

Resident, City of New Bedford

I met Ian several years ago while interning at the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce. Ian is deeply committed to, and involved in, the growth and development of New Bedford. He demonstrates this everyday through his dedication to the business community, education and much more. He works tirelessly and succeeds at making  himself accessible to anyone who needs him through cell, social media, in person meetings and any other means necessary. I am proud to call Ian both mentor and a friend. I am confident that Ian will continue to serve his community with integrity, compassion and the knowledge to get the job done!

Crystal Stone

Resident, City of New Bedford

I am 100% on #TeamAbreu! I have gotten to know Ian on a personal level; he cares so much about our city and it feels good knowing there are elected officials like Ian in city hall doing the best for our city. He listens to everyone and tries his absolute hardest. #IanHeartsNB

Brianna Alves

Resident, City of New Bedford

Ian Abreu has my support because of his dedication to the community, fighting for what’s right, his business mind, and involvement in many organizations throughout the city. He not only loves New Bedford, but knows what New Bedford needs to move forward.

Christian Farland

President, Farland Corporation Inc.

Ian Abreu has proven to be a councillor who holds the citizens of New Bedford and their concerns of great importance. He has quickly earned the trust of his constituency by providing support no matter the size, scope, or severity of the issue at hand. It is my personal belief that New Bedford’s economic growth is in very capable hands with Ian. His focus on increasing our tax base and creating jobs have been dealt with traditional and out of the box approaches which is a testament to Abreu’s “whatever it takes” mindset. New Bedford can count on Ian Abreu.

Ross Nunes

Resident, City of New Bedford

Ian is always there for his constituents. He listens and fights for everyone. I only have needed to call him once to address a problem with the city/gas lines going to my house and the issue was resolved within days, rather than weeks or even months. The city needs Ian Abreu.

Abrah Salk Zion

Resident, City of New Bedford

Whether you want to talk politics or sports, or when you want to talk about the issues in the community or the world, Ian Abreu is the guy! He has always listenes with a purpose and will not make promises he cannot deliver on. Having the pleasure of knowing him for many years, two of the qualities that have always made an impression on me are his passion and consistency for the City of New Bedford. He has my full support, as well as my complete trust to continue to be a vital part in leading our city in the right direction. #TeamAbreu #WeLoveNB

A.J. Tavares

Resident & Teacher, City of New Bedford

I fully support Ian Abreu for re-election because he sincerely cares about New Bedford and the people who live here. He is very involved in the community, and you can always count on him to listen to concerns and respond in a timely manner. Ian is also a dedicated family man who maintains a fine balance of work and home. In my opinion, this kind of leader is rare today, and I feel privileged to have him as our councilor at-large.

Deborah DeSouza

Co-Owner, Cove Surf & Turf

I had the pleasure of meeting Ian several years ago. I was honored to be his realtor when he bought his first home and again when his in-laws bought their home. I was very exited when he decided to run for Councilor At-Large, and since his election, he has been a very proactive public servant. Ian is always there to help any constituent in need, and has personally helped several of my clients to navigate the City Hall bureaucracy. His heart and dedication are in the right place, and I can’t wait to support and vote for him again this year.

Byron Ford

Resident & Realtor, City of New Bedford

In my many years of living in New Bedford, and now being a business owner, I would love to have Ian Abreu for another term as our Councilor At-Large. Ian is a perfect example of what strong representation and advocacy for residents and businesses should be. Ian works tirelessly to provide an immediate response to everything from zoning questions to sidewalk cracks. This city would be so fortunate to have this powerful voice fighting for every resident and business owner for another term.

Russ Leite

Owner, Harbor View Auto Sales

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